“You can’t make excuses and progress at the same time.” – Tony Drake

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Why am I sharing my Story?

I’m sharing my story with you because I’ve struggled and failed on numerous occasions within my journey. Trust me when I say, this was NOT an easy road, but now that I’ve adapted a whole new mindset about life.
Just know that I’m here to walk the road with you, coach and inspire you as well as lift you up during those frustrating and challenging times.

The New & Permanent Lifestyle Change.

From April to Nov 2019, I lost 62 pounds, while simultaneously building muscle and burning fat with intermittent fasting, plant based diet, fasted workouts and fasted cardio. Since then I have increased body recovery and restoration, natural human growth hormone and testosterone increase. I fast on a daily basis, keeping my body guessing in order to prevent a plateau when it comes to body changing and development.

About Me.

A little bit about me!

Hello, I’m Tony Drake. If you are new to my page, my name may not mean much to you now, but it will. Soon, my name will be synonymous with inspiration, hope, and clarity. Bur first, let me tell you about my background and how I got to where I am now.
I’m a family man who truly believes in family values. Married to my beautiful wife of 9 years and we have a gorgeous daughter together who is our “why” in life.

I’m born and raised in America’s Finest City – San Diego, California. I am absolutely blessed to be a natural athlete. In high school, I played defensive tackle for Serra High School, as well as discus and shot-put in track & field. I wrestled professionally for 12 years, which took me to Japan, Mexico, and several states across America.

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Earlier History

I spent 27 years of my life being overweight. When I was 12 years old, I was 5’6 and weighed in at 255 pounds. My life revolved around junk food. Because of this, the kids at school bullied me viciously. I was spit on, had slurpees and sodas thrown at me, had signs put on my back, sucker punched in the face by another kid for absolutely no reason and was called names by not only my classmates, but by teacher aide as well.

Fast forward to the age of 21, now at 6’2, I topped the scale at 335 pounds. I had no food discipline, no workout regime and no idea on healthy eating.

November 7th, 2005, my life was finally going to change. My brother, Dorian Drake, became my mentor and taught me how to workout and build muscle. Halfway into 2006, I was down 44 lbs and that’s when I met my now wife, Danelle who educated me on the nutrition side of life!

The Coaching Begins!

Since November 2019, I’ve coached over 50 people to conquer weight loss goals, gain confidence, transform their lifestyle and become more energetic. I’ve also started my own intermittent fasting group as well as posting workout tips, motivational messages and my family values across my social media pages.

I am here to be that support system, motivator, accountability coach and teacher, for you.


Over the last 15 years, I went from an athletic active person to a 37 year old married man with 3 kids and a demanding career. My activity level became non-existent and constant traveling demands had me eating on the road daily. Along the journey I went from 190 lbs to 238 lbs and found myself constantly struggling with a lack of energy and drive and eating/drinking anything in site (especially coca-cola). Soda’s were as routine to me as the sun rising. After 15 years of this lifestyle, I decided to take ownership and control of my fitness in hopes of finding my young self again. Tony introduced me to intermittent fasting and helped push and motivate me to get back into shape. Through Tony’s knowledge of intermittent fasting, healthy eating, and workout routines, I’ve been able to lose 30 lbs in less than 3 months! Tony’s constant guidance, push, and accountability were a big part of my weight loss journey. I am now full of energy, living an active lifestyle, and shopping for new clothes! I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without Tony! If you’re serious about getting back in shape or just losing some pounds, you need Tony in your life!”
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